WhiteSpace at Work

Are you paying smart people to spend their days doing senseless things?

If your corporate culture is an endless barrage of meetings, emails and presentation revisions, then the answer may sadly be — Yes.

Does your team greet each day already tense, anticipating an avalanche of urgent requests? Do they have time to truly think... to think strategically and creatively? Probably not because our time is under attack — and most companies are in passionate denial about the bottom line costs of the frenetic pace and endless pressure.

WhiteSpace offers a solution.

WhiteSpace at work is a performance improvement and productivity firm that helps leaders, executives and front line folks reduce low-value activity and complexity in the workplace, adding back capacity and turbocharging execution.

What is WhiteSpace? It's the strategic pause taken between activities. It's the open, fluid, flexible time that used to make the smartest of us even smarter. And it's the most endangered element of modern work. It's the opposite of the relentless busyness that drains your best players.

We help companies insert this fruitful and rich tool back into the lives and workflow of individuals and teams — watching them reap the enormous, immediate benefits. When starved for WhiteSpace, employees are exhausted, disengaged, overwhelmed, unproductive and distracted. With WhiteSpace, creativity and engagement take root and blossom into growth and focused execution!

"You've made a huge impact on our organization."
- Jennifer Silane, American Express, OPEN
The WhiteSpace mindsets and skill-sets when incorporated into your organization will allow your teams to reclaim lost capacity and execute at their finest.

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