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Many talented teams are trapped in a vicious cycle of wishing they could simplify and streamline, but never having a second to think about it. They feel constantly behind the curve and at fault. Finding time to solve the problem seems impossible.

But WhiteSpace digital courses create behavior change around overload with bite-size micro-learning lessons. Total learner commitment, including our accountability process, is only 23 minutes per week- and sometimes even less. You take your teams offline for minutes at a time, but effect immediate personal process improvement.

What does that 23 minutes per week look like? Well, each week you and your team will watch a single video lesson of three minutes, followed by doing a 6-10 minute interactive activity. You will download a memory sheet to keep handy. Finally, you’ll meet once per week to take part in a 10-minute accountability huddle to make it all come together. That's your 23 minutes!

Your team can learn on a desktop, phone, or tablet. No matter where they are, they will have access to WhiteSpace content to transform their workflow, boost productivity and realign their priorities.

Each Digital Lesson Contains:



Each three-minute video contains clear instruction, engaging delivery and the perfect portion of actionable content.

Interactive online activity

Interactive Online Activity

Our online interactive activities help learners connect their real lives and jobs to the concepts, and find places to apply each tool.

Memory sheet

Memory Sheet

We’re so burnt out from our busyness it’s hard to remember anything. A simple one-page memory sheet of each core concept will help.

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