Culture Change

Sometimes you Go Deep

For companies that are overloaded, addicted to busyness and steeped in complexity, the path to freeing up time and igniting higher levels of execution can be one that requires a layered approach.

When leadership is ready to make deep and lasting change, the WhiteSpace Culture Change suite of offerings is the right prescription. This fully customized journey enlists every level of the organization to come together and get serious about eliminating the activities, habits, processes and norms that limit growth and hamper success.

To achieve this goal, we begin by acknowledging that no two companies are alike. We perform a diagnostic at the front end of almost every comprehensive Culture Change program that is both quantitative and qualitative. Then, we weave together the resulting stories, the interviews, the data and the metrics. We assess your needs to provide a precisely crafted target, so that when WhiteSpace deploys in your organization, it catches fire and produces powerful results.

From there, the population is split into two layers each with their own track. Leadership will work directly with our WhiteSpace consultants to make the profoundly impactful changes that only leaders can. Meanwhile the front line begins to embark on our Digital Learning System, enjoying bite-sized chunks of relevant content delivered lightly across their busy schedules.

A host of customized offerings can be added on to deepen the impact.

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"There's always something looming over me that has to get done immediately. It's impossible to be creative in that environment."
– Pharmaceutical Manager

"Every day, I have constant emails, phone calls and people coming to my desk. It doesn’t end."
– CPG Plant Manager

"The pace is constant. Ideas come in, and as you check things off, the list keeps growing and you never catch up."
– Entertainment Executive

The WhiteSpace mindsets and skill-sets when incorporated into your organization will allow your teams to reclaim lost capacity and execute at their finest.


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