Digital Learning System

Bite Size Chunks of Content

Tools to build WhiteSpace must always align with the nature of the content itself. Learning must be nimble, laser-like and brief — adding no weight to already busy schedules. Equally, it must have gravitas and produce tangible, immediate results. And there is no delivery method that fits the above description as precisely as the WhiteSpace Digital Learning System.

This bundled program is centered around 32 videos, each running around three minutes, providing substance with a focus on our three core training segments, described in the box to your right. Smartly designed application exercises provide short assignments to deepen the learning and applicability. Also included is a built-in accountability process and measurement quizzes to monitor the results of learning. These features create immediate behavior change yet only take your teams offline for moments at a time.

Module Titles Include:

Hidden Cost of Busyness
WhiteSpace 101
Meeting Invites
Managing Interruptions
2D vs 3D Communication
Smartphone Defense
Optimize Your Vacation
The 50/50 Rule
Enjoy the Ride
Present Absence
Fire Drills
Social Conformity
Limiting Inputs
WhiteSpace at Home

Through these core elements, the Digital Learning System gives viewers small bites of education that yield tremendous results in behavioral change and business norm modification.

Core Training Segments

The Thieves of Productivity

Four elements of modern work that have powerful, positive qualities but also are con artists.

The Tools that Turn on You

Support systems and devices that can hijack our time and resources, such as email, meetings, decks and teams.

The Invisible Habits of Excellence

A constellation of internal behaviors, related to inward and outward thought.

The WaVE

The most popular delivery strategy for our Digital Learning System is in a bundled package called The WaVE, which stands for Webinar, Virtual training and E-tools. This offering is a great way to get a population started on WhiteSpace quickly and easily, even when budget won't allow for a consulting component.

We begin with a kickoff webinar getting the troupes excited about the relief and benefits to be found in the WhiteSpace process. This program features lots of fast-paced and engaging content — even a little levity — and will surely engage them despite a virtual environment. Participants will then partake in our marvelous Digital Learning System, featuring 32 modules of rich and applicable content. Included in the system are e-tools and exercises to deepen the learning.

Customized additional webinars can be added to speak directly to the particular pressures of your unique population. The kickoff webinar can also be upgraded to a keynote when requested.

Who has time for a two day seminar? Why not teach your talented folks as they prefer to learn – a little at a time.


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