The Executive "Bonus Week" Process

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Without the tools to incorporate thoughtfulness and be strategic about simplification, great companies may fail to optimize the efforts of their workforce. But even the brightest of leaders can not always create this framing naturally or by themselves. They need new language and structures, with a side dish of objectivity to reveal the truth about their situation.

The WhiteSpace Executive "Bonus Week" Process is a business development method during which our talented experts work with your leadership to free immediate capacity from your overloaded population while educating executives on the nuts and bolts of WhiteSpace. This process includes a 6 hour onsite at the end of which we will free up one full week per year of your population's capacity (determined by the span of control of the leaders participating.) High performing teams often come up with more.

Our balance of being left-brained, data-driven and results-focused — coupled with our fluency in emotional intelligence, empathy and an authentic understanding of the demands on everyone's time — uniquely positions us to deploy customized WhiteSpace consulting that achieves results.

If we handed you back one week of your population's time, what would you use it for?

One Week

Annual per-person capacity regained through the Executive "Bonus Week" Process (For every 50 people you regain one FTE)

One Month

Annual per-person capacity regained through a successful Whitespace Culture Change (For every 12 people you regain one FTE)

The WhiteSpace mindsets and skill-sets when incorporated into your organization will allow your teams to reclaim lost capacity and execute at their finest.

Culture Change

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