Who Wins

All Hands Benefit

Organizations that embrace WhiteSpace fuel their stakeholders in many different areas:

Leaders and Managers: At the helm of every ship are people selected for their nimble minds, creative ideas and magnetic personalities. But as they enter the corporate machine, an avalanche of tasks crushes these attributes. WhiteSpace guides them to leaner, cleaner business norms and habits that take the pressure off them and their teams.

Sales and Client Facing Professionals: Interpersonal success is about connections. But as technology and busyness grow, the art of personal connection is being eroded. WhiteSpace is a pivotal tool in overcoming this interpersonal challenge. When sales and client facing professionals use WhiteSpace in their daily workflow, they are more focused on connection, modeling their value propositions and producing with vitality.

High Potentials and Top Producers: The path to being the best can drive superstars into a crushing level of overload. WhiteSpace can help. The best of the best love WhiteSpace because they know instinctively that the well-placed, strategic pause can make them more productive, more engaged and more creative.

WhiteSpace is equally powerful in programs for Front Line Employees, Marketing Professionals, Suppliers, Vendors, Partners, Shareholders and Customers.

"I can't remember the last time we've been so energized."
- Sherri Lindenberg, Crump Life Insurance

What does it sound like when talented teams have no WhiteSpace?

  • "I don't know what a day without meetings would look like. I can’t fathom that concept."
  • "I struggle with the relevance I bring to my customers because of my unavailability."
  • "In my role, I don't ever leave work."
  • "We try to involve everyone, even when they don't need to be involved."
  • "I drop off my daughter and get in at 7 a.m. I'm usually home by 6, eat dinner and put her to bed and then I'm back on my computer."
  • "We're able to get the work done, but we need time to think."
The WhiteSpace mindsets and skill-sets when incorporated into your organization will allow your teams to reclaim lost capacity and execute at their finest.

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