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Benefits of WhiteSpace

Make work simpler and more effective

Reduce emails, meetings and reports

Achieve top-level priorities faster

WhiteSpace At Work

Work has become relentless. Most professional teams feel they could be “on” 24 hours a day and never complete their task lists. They never disconnect. They’re frequently exhausted.

Adding to the pain, employees often are held hostage to their overwhelming inboxes, pointless meetings, and a thousand forms of wasted effort. What they need are tools and systems to liberate them from busywork and give them the freedom to unleash their talents and true productivity. They deserve a better way to work.

At WhiteSpace at Work, we use lightweight Digital Micro-Learning and accompanying support tools to effortlessly create behavior change around overload. We understand the pressures of the Tyranny of the Urgent and we’ve taught our principles to thousands of leaders and teams around the globe.

Ready for work to get easier?

“WhiteSpace has given our team a tool to help them deal with the frenetic pace of work that is useful and not burdensome. It’s really made a huge impact on our organization.”
Jennifer Silane
VP Business Planning
American Express
“You and your team have created a Whitespace disciple! The tools and processes we went through taught me “how to fish”. That absolutely was money well spent.”
Kenton Stewart
Vice President
Astellas Health Systems
“WhiteSpace allowed my teams to build skillsets that improved both balance and performance. Juliet and her team have been a great accelerator for our business.”
David Peckinpaugh
Maritz Travel

What it’s like out there...


of people are interrupted over 5 times per hour


of workers feel highly overworked


of employees agree that taking breaks would make them more productive


of workers check email during dinner


of workers feel significant stress about the ever-present pressure of work email


of employees are not engaged and have “checked out”

How can you tell if your company is WhiteSpace deficient?


For some companies, the most prominent concern is around issues of quantity. They can’t get enough headcount. The sheer amount of daily work is overwhelming. Forces have been reduced by layoffs and consolidation.

In such an organization, you hear hallway comments such as “There’s just too much work to do.” and “If only we could get more people.”


In a quality-compromised organization, the highest value work begins to slip, and excellence is replaced by “getting by.” Those with a commitment to elevated standards are forced to choose between deadlines and thoroughness.

In a quality-threatened organization, you’ll hear comments such as “I wish I had time to deliver my best work.”


Lastly, organizations suffer in the area of sustainability. They may be holding on by their fingernails to the amount of work, and the quality of work, but collectively doubt the longevity of the model. Top talent may be looking toward the door.

In sustainability-pained organizations, we hear one thing over and over: “We can’t keep this up for much longer.”

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