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Cost of Talent-Waste Reports

The cost of low-value tasks in dollars and time is enormous, but these calculations are rarely done. Our WhiteSpace Talent-Waste reports give business leaders clarity on these issues.

These reports are generated based on data gathered from a light self-reporting survey, blended with some data from HR, and they help us look at the reality of costs associated with busywork. In these reports, we typically see around $1,000,000 of annual waste for every fifty people in an organization.

Pre/Post/Midpoint Surveys

It’s hard to be objective about your own company, so getting an outsider’s point of view, can be enlightening. And we all want to know if the program is really “working."

Through surveys and reports we can tie our behavior change improvements to measurable and quantifiable metrics that are chosen together at the start of an initiative. These might include items such as; Employee engagement; CC and FYI email traffic; Percentage of unnecessary reports; Meetings reported as unnecessary; Number of unnecessary interruptions; and Ability to focus on key tasks.

“In factories that produce things we are scrupulous about waste, but in companies that produce thoughts, waste is everywhere.”

Juliet Funt

Developmental Assessments

Tendencies toward busywork and overload have ties to our personalities and individual habits. Exploration there is vital to WhiteSpace success.

Our assessment, a self-administered online developmental tool, assesses an individual’s score on four WhiteSpace dimensions. Individuals will learn how they lean toward each of the four Thieves of Productivity: Drive, Excellence, Information, and Activity. Executives receive summary reports of their teams.

Success Communities

These post-initiative maintenance groups create an ongoing touchstone to help graduates maintain the WhiteSpace skillsets and mindsets.

Learners are put into a maintenance track together with those they learned with. This particular group is never added to again. In a shared track, individuals progress together as a team through our light sprinkling of ongoing tools, supports, and surprises. These components include The Monday Minute audio program, with Juliet Funt, special handouts, and custom videos.

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"WhiteSpace helps talent stay creative and passionate about their work.  In a world where most workers are driven by caffeine and naturally resistive to mindfulness - the WhiteSpace approach will help team members reconnect with a deeper sense of professional purpose and find a way to ward off burnout. 

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