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What Is WhiteSpace?

WhiteSpace is a strategic pause taken between activities. It can be used in tiny sips as small as two seconds or in longer stretches. These thoughtful pauses laced through the busyness of the workday are the oxygen that allows everything else to catch fire. WhiteSpace can be recuperative; to reboot your exhausted brain and body. It can also be constructive; this is time spent on driving business results through introspection, strategy and big picture thinking.

We help companies insert the fruitful and rich element of WhiteSpace into their lives and workflow — watching them reap the enormous, immediate benefits. When starved for WhiteSpace, employees are disengaged, overwhelmed and distracted. With WhiteSpace, creativity and engagement take root and blossom into growth and focused execution.

“When a company adds WhiteSpace you can almost hear an audible sigh of relief as a path is cleared back to strategic thinking and focus.”

Cultural Whitespace

The ways an environment changes from the content
  • Reacting to challenges or obstacles by thinking before acting
  • Setting pace and cadence to avoid burnout and creative decline
  • Controlling technology so it does not eclipse high-value action
  • Constantly sharing feedback to streamline processes

Tactical WhiteSpace

The ways human habits change from the content
  • Scheduling time between meetings to prepare and/or reflect
  • Controlling data and dashboards to inform without overwhelming
  • Questioning tasks and activities to make sure they add value
  • Creating specifically designated time for creativity and innovation

Who wins when WhiteSpace is added to your team?

Leaders and Managers

At the helm of every ship are people selected for their nimble minds, creative ideas and magnetic personalities. But as they enter the corporate machine, an avalanche of tasks crushes these attributes. WhiteSpace guides them to leaner, cleaner business norms and habits that take the pressure off them and their teams.

Sales Professionals

Interpersonal success is about connections. But as technology and busyness grow, the art of personal connection is being eroded. But when sales and client facing professionals use WhiteSpace in their daily workflow, they are more focused on connection, modeling their value propositions and producing with vitality.

High Potentials

The path to being the best can drive high potential employees into a crushing level of overload. And they tend to struggle with finding time for thoughtfulness. WhiteSpace can help. The best of the best love WhiteSpace because they know instinctively that the strategic pause can make them more productive and creative.

WhiteSpace is like a glass of water.
Every once in a while just take a little sip.