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Each three-minute video contains clear instruction, engaging delivery and the perfect portion of actionable content.

Interactive Online Activity

Our online interactive activities help learners connect their real lives and jobs to the concepts, and find places to apply each tool.

Memory Sheet

We’re so burnt out from our busyness it’s hard to remember anything. A simple one-page memory sheet of each core concept will help.

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Digital Micro-Learning FAQ’s

In what industries/companies do you work? We are truly industry agnostic because almost every professional is too busy and could use more time to be thoughtful. We work in retail, finance, pharma, tech, finance, food, and more. Our notable clients include Sysco, Anthem, Nike, Sephora and we also work with smaller and midsize companies whose names you might not be as familiar with; but about whom we are just as passionate.

I’m from a big company. Where do we begin? Any function can benefit from this content. If you are a senior leader, we can help you segment your populations on a call. If you are an advocate, we suggest taking the topic of WhiteSpace to leaders that seem the most evolved; those who seem like their personality would resonate with the content. You can use this Executive Summary and Case Studies Document to help you present.

I’m from a small company. Can you help us? You bet. Any group size can benefit from this nimble and universal content. Write to us here and a WhiteSpace representative will reach out to help you.

Can we just teach our leaders (or at least start with our leaders)? It’s possible but not recommended. Unlike some programs, WhiteSpace is taught to an intact population, not just a slice across the top. This is because the changes you will make involve mindset and behavior and everyone needs to be on the same page. Think of a function, a geography, an intact team or the whole company as groups that might work well. We do have another format called a Leadership Audit which allows a group of leaders to observe and experience the course as they consider future applications.

How do you measure success? Through surveys and reports, we can tie our behavior change improvements to measurable and quantifiable metrics that are chosen together at the start of an initiative. These might include items such as:

  • Employee engagement
  • CC and FYI email traffic
  • Percentage of unnecessary reports
  • Meetings reported as unnecessary
  • Number of unnecessary interruptions
  • Time to be creative and innovative
  • Perceived manager support
  • Ability to focus on key tasks

How much will it cost? WhiteSpace culture work runs between $450-$950 per head depending on the high-touch services that are added on above the digital learning program. We offer tiered pricing for groups over 300.

How do you maintain the WhiteSpace culture once the initial training is done? We are heavily focused on sustainability and never let fledgling new behaviors go unsupported. Often groups go deeper with a customized second year of learning/consulting or progress into our light and enjoyable WhiteSpace maintenance program following their initial work. We work with our clients to tie WhiteSpace behaviors deeper and deeper into the workflow and relevant KPIs.

Is there any reporting we receive? Groups of 25 and over receive bi-monthly LMS reporting.

Is it all self-paced? No. Self-paced digital learning is not something we believe in, or see many clients succeed with. We strongly suggest that teams learn in the same cadence together about once per week; and meet for very short accountability huddles for each lesson, to create helpful structure. There’s enormous power in everyone focused on the same issues and behaviors in unison.

How long from us signing up can we get started? Around 48 hours unless your procurement process is more complex and slows us down.

Can our team do the digital program on any device? Yes. We prefer the desktop for a little extra room to execute the activities, but it’s up to you.

Can we repeat/replay as needed? To your heart’s content.

Is there a limited time period for completion? You have two years from the time you sign up to access the course.

How many languages are you in? Currently only English, but if your group is over 800 we can translate. This process takes 8 weeks.

Do I need to get my IT group involved to do any technical stuff on our end? Nope. The program is designed to be easy and should function without unique IT help.

Will it work with our firewall? 99% of the time, yes, but occasionally it's a case by case. There is always a workaround. Most importantly if anything is less than easy and perfect for you just tell us and we will jump on the problem.

Do you have a live version of this content for those of us that prefer the workshop method of training? You bet. We would love to send a WhiteSpace trainer/facilitator to your office or organization.

Do you have special pricing for non-profits and other worthy causes? Of course! Contact us and let us know what you need.

Are the huddles mandatory? No, but groups that skip the huddles show far weaker results.

How big should our huddle groups be? For virtual huddle groups, aim for 2-3 folks. For in-person huddle groups, 3-4 is ideal

Does the same person lead every week? They can, or you can take turns. The Huddle Guides are very simple and self-explanatory and require no expertise to facilitate.

Should leaders attend the huddles with their teams? That depends on your team's unique needs. The presence of a senior executive may hamper honesty, and so sometimes it's best for senior leaders to have their own huddle. In some groups, they can mix in with great effectiveness.

What is a self-facilitated kick-off? It's a live event that you run to begin your training program, as an alternative to a live presenter from WhiteSpace coming live to your organization. The package includes a one time license for a TED-style video by Juliet Funt plus a script and presentation deck.

Can we start the digital learning system without it? You can, and many small groups for whom the package is not in their budget simply dive into lessons, but the kick-off event is definitely a more exciting way to begin and makes the program clearer for all.

Can we use the package again for a second group after our pilot? No. The license fee is for one-time use only.

Can we hire Juliet herself to come personally and kick-off? Certainly, but she is living out of the country until the summer of 2020 and her fee is out of many budgets. The full menu of kick-off options and pricing follows:

Juliet Funt Keynote
$80,000 plus business class travel from Europe or Asia
WhiteSpace Trainer Kick-off live
$14,000 plus $1,000 flat travel
WhiteSpace Trainer Kick-off Virtual
Self-facilitated Kick-off:
1-50 learners
$2,500 one time license
51-100 learners
$5,000 one time license
101-500 learners
$7,500 one time license
Over 500 learners
$10,000 one time license

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