What’s Nonsense Work Costing Your Team?

The Million for 50 Equation

Our research shows that low-value work costs most companies $1,000,000 annually for every 50 employees.

To our knowledge we are the only company in the world that comprehensively quantifies the cost of busywork. And when we do these simple calculations the results are staggering.

The Million-for-50 number surprises many leaders, but only speaks to the giant hidden iceberg of waste that lurks in almost every corporation. But, when a team makes small changes; does a few less hours of email per week or sits in a few less unnecessary meetings, the gains also add up quickly and dramatically.

“In factories that produce things we are scrupulous about waste, but in companies that produce thoughts, waste is everywhere.”

Juliet Funt

Is Money Not your Professional Love Language?

There are many other areas of costly pain that companies continue to tolerate.

Retention Issues

Top performers get to choose where they work. And if the environment around them is so packed with nonsense work, that they can no longer feel work is meaningful; they leave. Add the subtle daily pain of a stressful, overcomplicated work cadence with no balance; and we often see turnover intention long before we see actual turnover. But when teams see leaders roll your sleeves up to make culture more same and humane, the gratitude can swing to the other extreme and build powerful loyalty and gratitude.

No Time to be Creative

We all want innovative teams. And an essential component of insightful problem solving (I.E., having an "Aha! Moment") is being able to form connections between prior experiences and the problem at hand. In the brain, this requires communication between the executive frontal lobes and memory areas of the brain. Communication between these brain areas is often impaired by mental fatigue and cognitive overload. Whitespace allows our overloaded brains to recoup the resources needed to form the mental associations necessary for creative insight.

Falling Engagement

Most professionals don’t know why they feel disengaged, but a staggering percentage do. One likely culprit is pure exhaustion. We observe hard working folks in every industry functioning at max capacity with work overflowing into evenings and weekends and with no time to think in the workday. You would not red-line a machine the way many are comfortable red-lining their talent. With a WhiteSpace mindset however, we reduce wasted time and unnecessary complexity and thus return needed oxygen back into the system.

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"WhiteSpace helps talent stay creative and passionate about their work.  In a world where most workers are driven by caffeine and naturally resistive to mindfulness - the WhiteSpace approach will help team members reconnect with a deeper sense of professional purpose and find a way to ward off burnout. 

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