“Hands down the most dynamic speaker I’ve ever seen.”

— Amy Cascone, Generali USA

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The WhiteSpace Keynote

When your hard-working teams spend precious time at a live event or workshop, you must make sure to give them relevant content, a bit of entertainment and ideas that will truly shift their thinking. A WhiteSpace keynote or workshop fits the bill.

WhiteSpace events are great for executive leadership, who will find fresh approaches to strategy and culture. For middle managers squeezed between opposing floods of demand. And for front line folks, who'll be given tools to save themselves from the low-value tidal wave hitting them every day.

The smarter and more type-A are the attendees, the more they’ll love the WhiteSpace mindsets and skill-sets. All WhiteSpace live events are presented by our vibrant and insightful CEO Juliet Funt.

Activity is not Productivity:

Raising Execution Through Reclaiming WhiteSpace

(Our signature keynote for general audiences, adaptable for leadership)

Every executive and team have only a select handful of true priorities. And they'll do anything to move them forward quickly and triumphantly. But when talented workers are lost in unnecessary emails, meetings, reporting and other low-value tasks, they crawl toward these pivotal objectives. Distraction, interruption and unnecessary complexity further addle their creative spark. And they have no time to think.

Imagine instead a workplace where a majority of time is spent on tasks of true importance. Where thoughtful time is a priority and where norms and habits protect employees from touching work that drains them. This is a WhiteSpace culture, one where strategic pauses allow time for strategy and insight — and its creation may be more possible than you think.

In this high-energy session, we'll learn the basics of bringing positive changes such as these to you and your organization by examining the critical difference between activity and true productivity, between cramming in more tasks and selectively choosing to dive into the right ones with thoughtfulness.

We also meet and arm ourselves against The Thieves of Productivity, a group of positive assets that can often run amuck. By examining the surprising downside of these attributes, we create a customized road map toward more WhiteSpace at the individual, team and organizational level.

Performing to the Level of Culture

How to liberate talented teams from busywork and complexity

(A program designed for senior leaders)

Employees drive themselves hard in the Age of Overload. We're fooled into thinking they're more productive than ever. But is that true? Overloaded populations often habituate to their discomfort. But their companies tend to suffer from one or more deficits that affect the bottom line: the QQS Deficits - downfalls in Quantity, Quality or Sustainability.

Sometimes it's a quantity problem with constant complaints about headcount and bandwidth. Sometimes it's a quality issue; work level is slipping, and time to think high-altitude thoughts has evaporated. Or it's a sustainability issue; employees are surviving but collectively (or subconsciously) asking, "How long can we keep this up?" Most companies endure a mixture of two or even all three.

Seventy-seven percent of surveyed CEOs noted that their organizational complexity is higher than three years ago. In this program, we consider a different path, one where a reductive lens helps pare back busyness and make room to reclaim and effectively use mental capacity. Also featured is actionable content that combats The Tools That Turn on You. These are support systems and devices that promise to improve our work style. In reality, they tend to defy boundaries, hijacking time and resources — think email, meetings, decks and more.

Lastly, we will discuss the relevance of WhiteSpace to leadership legacy, the story about us that is yet to be written.