De-Crapify Your Workflow

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of organizations believe their employees are overwhelmed with information and activity.


have programs to address the issue.

What We Do

• At WhiteSpace at Work we change the workflow of intact teams to speed execution, reduce waste and help teams do more meaningful work.

• We improve team efficiency by reducing emails, meetings, decks, reports, paperwork, and other low-value work.

• We improve effectiveness by using the recovered time for work of substance such as innovation, strategy, and big-picture thinking.

Outcomes of WhiteSpace Efficiency Work

  • Raised awareness of the cost of busywork
  • Increased skills in prioritization and reducing low-value tasks
  • Cultural shift toward a smarter use of work hours
  • Mindset shifts away from reactivity to thoughtful customer focus
  • Reductions in meetings, email, reports, and other wasteful touch points
  • Increased skills in making meetings more effective
  • Increase in creative/innovative and strategic time at work
  • Improved boundaries regarding the use of technology
  • Improvement in work/life balance and being connected at home
  • Reduction of burnout and increase of time to serve the customer
  • Improved team morale and commitment to organization

"A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is a visible labor and there is an invisible labor."

minutes lost in unnecessary meetings

WhiteSpace Case Study

When a high-performing group from a Fortune 1000 pharmaceutical company called us, they needed to rescue their team members from stress and overload.

Most worked 50 hours or more per week, yet work piled up faster than it could be completed. A shocking 100% of managers reported a constant conflict between work and personal life.

INTERVENTION: A lightweight one-year program of WhiteSpace digital coursework, augmented by webinars and some executive work.

RESULTS: The data below illustrates the improvements that our population experienced. The most impressive thing about these results is that they were maintained, at time of last survey, for more than 18 months following the conclusion of the intervention.


22% decrease in overall stress level


20% decrease in work piling-up faster than it can be completed


20% decrease in work interrupting personal time


22% increase in perceived organizational support

We find you time
for ideas, strategy and
big-picture thinking