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WhiteSpace At Home

Around the office there’s lots of talk about the importance of balance. But one layer down, the deeper message is often just the opposite — that we should sacrifice at home in favor of our jobs. Folks often feel they have no choice as they multi-task with email at dinner or pull out their laptop for the evening shift.

But studies show that people who feel a sense of balance at home work 21% harder than their off-kilter counterparts. And more importantly, they become truly connected with their loves ones. And companies that actively promote good work/life balance have 23% higher annual net earnings per employee.

So how can WhiteSpace help you get there? In the course of our learning journey we’ll help your folks calm the domestic busyness, trim personal schedules and revise digital habits that are obstacles to intimacy. Isn't it time to give your team the gift of a rich and balanced home life? Help them learn to turn off at home, and they will return to work the next day with vigor.

“I drop off my daughter and get in at 7 a.m. Depending on meetings I’m usually home by 6 p.m., then I eat dinner and put her to bed and am back on my computer working between 7:30-8:00 p.m. and done by 10 p.m.”

Happy Employees Are...


More Energized


Happier with Job


Happier with Life


More Engaged


More Motivated


More Productive

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